Professional Development

CoSSAC Professional Development Grant

CoSSAC recognizes the need to provide limited funding for staff enrichment, including additional funding for training and travel, when alternative sources for funding are rare or do not exist. This additional funding opportunity has been possible due to the fundraising efforts of CoSSAC and generous contributions from the College of Science. Applications are due every March 15th, July 15th, and November 15th.


University Staff in the College of Science are eligible to apply for a Professional Development Grant and are limited to one grant award per academic year. Students, faculty, and post-docs are not eligible for this grant.  

Click here to complete and submit the online application.

Applications are now open and the deadline is July 15th!!    

The Emily Krauz Staff Endowment Scholarship

If you require funding to enroll in a class/classes in a degree-seeking program at either an accredited university or college, to obtain a GED, or to participate in an education workshop to obtain a certificate to enhance your value to the University, please apply through the Emily Krauz Staff Endowment Scholarship site. (Note: This is not affiliated with CoSSAC.)